A Complete Guide to Soccer Betting Odds: Mastering the Art of Sports Betting

How to Bet On Soccer

Soccer is the most popular sport globally, and it has been a favorite among sports bettors for ages. With numerous leagues and championship events taking place each year, soccer offers a unique betting experience compared to other major sports like the NBA, NFL, NHL, or MLB. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to the world of soccer betting, this guide will provide you with all the necessary information to bet on soccer online.

Learn How to Bet on Soccer

Soccer matches are exhilarating and intense, mainly because they tend to have relatively low scores. When it comes to betting on soccer, there are several options available. Understanding soccer odds is crucial if you want to gain an advantage over other bettors. Knowing what the numbers mean can make a significant difference in your betting strategy.

Soccer Moneylines: Full-Time Result

Similar to NHL and MLB betting odds, soccer focuses on the most popular sports betting option – moneyline bets. In a moneyline bet, you simply select a team to win, such as Brazil or France. Unlike other sports, soccer offers a three-way moneyline, which includes the possibility of a tie. Draws are common in soccer, so choosing a team outright gives bettors higher odds compared to most moneyline options.

In a two-way moneyline, the draw is eliminated as an option. Bettors pick an outcome – will Brazil or France win? If the match ends in a draw, the bettor gets their stake back, and the bet is a push. Since the draw has been excluded, payouts on favorites are higher, while payouts on underdogs are lower.

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Soccer Spreads: Handicap for Each Team

In spread betting, bettors wager on the margin of victory in a match. For example, a -2.5 favorite would have to win by three goals or more to cover the spread, while a +2.5 underdog would need to lose by no more than two goals or win the match outright to cover the spread.

The oddsmaker adjusts the soccer odds and betting lines to give the underdog an advantage. The weaker team typically starts with a +0.5 goal handicap, while the favorite begins with a -0.5 goal handicap. Soccer spreads usually look like this:

Team A -0.5
Team B +0.5

Soccer Totals: OVER/UNDER

Totals or OVER/UNDER betting allows soccer bettors to predict the total number of goals scored by both teams in a match and whether it will be above or below the listed amount. The average goals total in OVER/UNDER for soccer is 2.5.

If you believe a matchup between Croatia and Czech Republic will be a low-scoring affair, you would bet the UNDER. On the other hand, if you anticipate a high-scoring game between a strong offensive team and a weak defensive team, then you would bet the OVER.

What is Asian Handicap Betting?

Similar to spread betting, Asian Handicap provides a goal handicap to both teams – the favorite and the underdog. For instance, Belgium may have a -2.5 goal handicap against Chile, who have a +2.5 handicap. In this scenario, Belgium must win the game by three clear goals to win the wager. This betting option allows favorites to have better value odds.

Asian Handicap is comparable to the runline in baseball or the puckline in hockey. It eliminates the draw as an option and gives an advantage to the underdog. Each team still has a 50 percent chance of winning.

What are Soccer Futures Bets?

Futures wagers are long-term soccer bets, where you predict the winner of the championship or league MVP, for example. While your money may be tied up for a period, a potentially significant payoff at the end of the year makes it worthwhile.

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In-Play Betting: Live Soccer Odds

Live betting in soccer is an endless thrill. There are numerous options for in-play wagering, such as predicting if a player will score from a penalty kick. In-game soccer betting odds are available for the most prominent soccer games and are ideal for bettors who want to stay engaged throughout a match. Betting opportunities change as the match progresses, adding to the excitement.

What are Soccer Prop Bets?

Prop bets in soccer are wagers based on specific occurrences or non-occurrences during a match. These occurrences may not directly impact the final score or outcome of the game, unlike soccer spreads, totals, or straight-up bets. Some examples of soccer prop bets include:

  • Correct Score: Bet on the exact full-time score. Due to the myriad of possible outcomes in a soccer game, predicting the final result accurately can be a challenge. However, higher soccer odds will reflect the difficulty.
  • Both Teams to Score: The final score doesn’t matter in this bet. You simply wager on whether both teams will score at some point during the game. Alternatively, you can bet “no” if you believe one of the teams will go scoreless.

What are Parlay Bets in Soccer?

With parlay bets, you can combine multiple wagers on a single bet slip. However, if even one bet in the parlay is a loss, the entire parlay loses. Although this may seem challenging, you’ll earn a higher payout if all your picks win, compared to betting on each one individually. Use Odds Shark’s parlay calculator to combine odds and determine the overall payout of your total wagers.

What are the Best Places to Find Soccer Odds Today?

Whether you’re a dedicated soccer fan or new to the sport, Odds Shark provides comprehensive coverage of all the latest soccer odds, leagues, and everything you need to bet on soccer. Explore our guides for the world’s top leagues, featuring standings, betting trends, game logs, and team reports.

Odds Shark’s Soccer Resources:

With Odds Shark as your go-to source for soccer odds, you’ll have all the information you need to make informed betting decisions. Join the excitement and start betting on soccer today!

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