Best Poker Strategy Tips M88 for Beginners

Poker strategy tips represent the choices a player makes during a poker game. Having a strategy when betting on any game significantly increases your chances of winning and consequently, your potential earnings. Full articles that share both basic and advanced poker strategy tips are rare, but today, M88 club experts are here to guide you.

Basic Poker Strategy for Beginners at M88

Small Pair 22-TT Playing Strategy

Basic Poker Strategy for Beginners at M88
Basic Poker Strategy for Beginners at M88

For beginners, a small pair is an average starting hand that can cause confusion if you don’t know how to handle it properly. Once mastered, it transforms into a potent hand, often slipping under the radar of other players who may continue to call and raise if they hold a Top Pair or two pairs.

Without a favorable position (OOP: out of position) and if you’re the first to act, then Raise 3BB to see the Flop. Avoid simply calling Big Blinds as it signals a weak hand to your opponents.

If you hit a strong set, confidently bet between 1/3 and 2/3 of the pot.

Consider your chip stack before risking participation. If it’s low, Folding may be the best option. However, if you have enough chips, calling is feasible.

In late positions like CO, BU, SB, or BB, you benefit from acting last. If previous players Fold, you should Raise; if they only Call, you can follow suit. When positioned advantageously, opponents are less likely to read your strategy.

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Particularly from the BU, you can Reraise to leverage a bluff on the Flop.

Pot Robbing Poker Strategies

Pot robbing is a strategic play to maximize capital and assert dominance in a Poker Tournament. Successful pot robbery hinges on a solid mental approach and disciplined play. It’s not viable without a proper analysis of the situation and an understanding of your opponent’s pre-flop reactions.

Poker Tips

Strategies to Steal the Pot with ALL IN Pre-flop

As previously noted, pot stealing in the pre-flop round aims to intimidate your opponent into folding. When it’s your turn, go all-in decisively.

Steal the Pot with RE-RAISE
Poker Tips
Poker Tips

Reraising involves increasing the bet after an opponent has already raised, potentially 3betting or 4betting. This tactic amplifies the pot size.

Players may choose to raise from MP or LP positions instead of calling immediately. A reverse all-in can coerce the initial raiser to fold, often causing a domino effect among the other players.

Advanced Poker Strategy for Beginners at M88

Squeeze Skill

A squeeze play targets an initial loose bettor followed by several callers. When it’s your turn, pushing all-in can compel others to fold. This quick tip is a strategic move used by savvy players.

Before attempting a squeeze, assess the table dynamics. This move relies more on the situation than the actual cards held. Regular players with a keen understanding of opponent psychology most effectively utilize this strategy.

Semi-bluff Tactic

A semi-bluff is a bluff made when your hand has the potential to develop into something stronger.

This tactic is applicable in the pre-flop, flop, or turn rounds, where additional community cards may still be revealed, offering a chance to improve all players’ hands.

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Professional Poker players adeptly use semi-bluffs to mentally dominate their opponents, often through bets, raises, or check-raises.


The strategies outlined by the M88 experts offer a mix of fundamental and intricate approaches to enhance your chances of winning at Poker. But the learning doesn’t stop here—there are myriad other strategies to explore for improving your poker game proficiency.

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