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Dining & Restaurants

Beijing No. 1

  • Serving: Chinese
  • Menus: Beijing No. 1 Menu

Indulge in the Flavors of Northern China at Beijing No. 1

Jin Shan

  • Serving: Chinese, Cantonese, Szechuan, Hunanese
  • Menus: Jin Shan Early Evening Menu

Discover Traditional Chinese Cuisine at Jin Shan


KU DÉ TA Restaurant

  • Serving: Asian
  • Menus: KU DÉ TA Restaurant Menu

KU DÉ TA offers more than fine Modern Asian cuisine from their location in the SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands. Along with awe-inspiring 360-degree views of the skyline, there is a vibrant atmosphere of entertainment and an indulgent lifestyle. Dine indoors or out. Club Lounge has a comfortable banquet area with a bar built around a small dance floor.

Caffé B

  • Serving: Italian


Caffé B is a fine dining restaurant in the classic Italian tradition with nouveau flair and a mixture of the sensibility of a fine Japanese dining experience. This hybrid concept presents a winning combination as evidenced by the popularity Caffé B enjoys among discriminating diners who visit Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Reservations are recommended.

Hide Yamamoto

  • Serving: Japanese/Sushi


Renowned Chef Hide Yamamoto brings his expertise in Japanese cuisine to Marina Bay Sands with a signature multi-concept 128-seat restaurant. There are four separate and distinct dining experiences possible, each with a unique menu. The Sushi experience offers private salons, if preferred, and diners will enjoy the freshest fish flown in directly from Tsukiji market in Tokyo. The Charcoal Robata Grill serves Japanese vegetables, fish, and Wagyu beef. The Ramen and Teppanyaki areas offer their own delights.

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Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine

  • Serving: Chinese, Dim Sum, Cantonese


Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine is to be found among The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Their high-quality food and excellent service are well known throughout Singapore. This is one of the best places in the region to enjoy Cantonese fare prepared to perfection. Access Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine via The Shoppes Bay Level (L1) lifts at UOB and Grand Colonnade North.

Punjab Grill By Jiggs Kalra

  • Serving: Indian

The Czar of Indian Cuisine brings his Punjab Grill to Marina Bay Sands, much to the delight of discriminating diners familiar with Indian cuisine. Chef Jiggs Kalra has almost single-handedly revived ancient Indian techniques and lost cuisines. Diners can expect to experience four different grilling techniques depending upon their menu choices.

Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria

  • Serving: Brazilian Steakhouse

The Portuguese word for “barbeque restaurant” is Churrascaria. The atmosphere is charged and fun here with meat carving waiters moving around the tables plying their trade to diners’ amusement and awe. Watch with bated breath as the passadors carve grilled meats from large skewers onto your plate. The skewered meats are grilled to perfection rotisserie-style after the proper amount of time in classic Brazilian marinades. Place a green disk on the table and the passadors will return to your table to fill your plate again, display a red disk when you are satiated.

Rio Tapas

  • Serving: Desserts, Tapas


Rio Tapas will be found next to Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Enjoy the delicacies of tapas along with cocktails, mocktails, a choice of over 100 wines, along with sweet treats and exquisite desserts. Be adventurous and sample a Caipirinha Float with alcoholic sorbet.

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Kraze Burgers at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

  • Serving: Gourmet Burgers

Before 1998, diners in South Korea had no place to eat a homemade hamburger. Kraze Burgers changed all that when they opened their first restaurant in Abgujung Seoul. Now the brand can be found all over the world. The buns are baked right in the restaurant, and each burger is delicately formed by hand before being seared to perfection. Diners will also find sandwiches, burger steaks, salads, and sides on the menu.


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