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NagaWorld Hotel & Entertainment Complex

Bistro Romano Italian Restaurant

  • Serving: Italian

The Bistro Romano Italian Restaurant at NagaWorld combines modern influences with traditional Italian flair. Whether you visit for a daily fine dining experience or reserve a private dinner for a special occasion, you will be delighted by our delectable dishes prepared simply, using the freshest ingredients. Explore our extensive wine list and indulge in our irresistible desserts for a perfect evening.

Chopstick Noodle House

  • Serving: Chinese

NagaWorld Hotel & Entertainment Complex

Chopstick Noodle House at NagaWorld is a popular dining destination for Chinese comfort food. Using only the finest ingredients, our live kitchen prepares delicious meals that are sure to warm your heart and satisfy your appetite. With a variety of familiar sauces and condiments available, feel right at home as you enjoy our flavorful dishes in a lively setting.

Fortune Palace

  • Serving: Chinese, Tea House

NagaWorld Hotel & Entertainment Complex

Fortune Palace is the brand new dining option at NagaWorld Hotel & Entertainment Complex in Phnom Penh. Experience a wide variety of authentic regional Chinese cuisines. A Chinese Tea Si Fu Master brings you aromatic oriental tea in an artistic and traditional manner, letting you experience the centuries-old tea pouring culture of China at the Fortune Palace. Gourmands from the world over will attest that this technique of serving draws out the best flavors from the leaves of any kind of tea.


  • Serving: Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian

NagaWorld Hotel & Entertainment Complex

There is no reason to be limited to the cuisine of a specific region when all of Indochina is represented at Indochine of NagaWorld. The fare of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos is prepared with a traditional profile to accent the subtle and sometimes profound differences. You will find Indochine on the first level of the hotel’s north wing. It is a more intimate venue seating only 64 diners at maximum capacity.

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Korean Grill

  • Serving: Korean

NagaWorld Hotel & Entertainment Complex

You will find the best Korean Chef in town at the NagaWorld Korean Grill. Each table has its own grill station so that you can enjoy Korean barbecue delights as well as order from the à la carte menu. The values are sensational, and the menu is loaded with items that make generous use of authentic ingredients. Your table will overlook the NagaWorld Musical Fountain as it gently rains in comforting shades and hues just outside the panoramic window. You can also enjoy watching the chef at work in the exciting open kitchen.

Le Gourmet French Restaurant

  • Serving: French

NagaWorld Hotel & Entertainment Complex

Le Gourmet French Restaurant at NagaWorld is not to be missed by gourmets, gourmands, foodies, or anyone who enjoys the finest dining. Attire is formal, and the menu selection is upscale to be sure. Enjoy fine wine or champagne with a five-course meal – take your time and savor every bite. Items on the menu include foie gras, oyster and lobster terrine, cream of mushroom soup, tender fillet mignon, vodka sorbet, decadent desserts, and much more.

Pangea Fusion Restaurant

  • Serving: Asian, Fusion, Western Cuisine, International

NagaWorld Hotel & Entertainment Complex

The newest fusion restaurant in the city is at NagaWorld. Pangea Fusion Restaurant offers patrons a choice of straightforward choices from the international menu or out-of-this-world delights from the innovative chefs who meld the flavors and textures of the Occident with the aromas and visuals of the Orient. Where these cuisines overlap, there is magic. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner solo, with a date, small party, or host a breakfast meeting or group lunch in a private dining room. You will find amiable and excellent service as well as peaceful views of the Tonle Sap River.

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  • Serving: Mexican, American Southwest

NagaWorld Hotel & Entertainment Complex

Tex-Mex fare in Phnom Penh? Yes, at NagaWorld you can visit NagaRock and enjoy this American cuisine concept that borrows heavily from traditional Mexican dishes and mixes fusion elements of some milder ingredients and combinations that you simply wouldn’t find in a fonda south of the border. Order spicy and mild dishes from the à la carte menu.

Saigon Palace

  • Serving: Vietnamese

Enjoy traditional Vietnamese fare at the Saigon Palace restaurant at NagaWorld Hotel & Entertainment Complex in Phnom Penh. The venue seats 57 persons and is located on the first level of the casino building, making it very convenient. Saigon Palace offers food and beverage service in a casual atmosphere with reasonable prices and excellent service. The minimal use of oil and preparation using fresh ingredients such as fish sauce, shrimp paste, soy sauce, rice, fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables sets this cuisine apart from other Asian fare – each dish has a distinctive taste and aroma.

The Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

  • Serving: Japanese/Sushi

The Teppanyaki Restaurant at NagaWorld is now open and serving traditional Japanese cuisine. The venue offers four private dining rooms. The Teppanyaki chefs are quite skilled at their art and will prepare your meal tableside for your entertainment and enjoyment. Enjoy fresh noodles (yakisoba), cabbage with sliced meat or seafood fresh from the grill along with side dishes that will make your mouth water. Reservations are highly recommended.

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