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Jack of All Trades

Igrosoft is a leading provider of online casino slot games, offering not only a diverse range of themes and styles but also comprehensive services to ensure a seamless gaming experience. With a particular focus on wacky, cartoon-themed games featuring unique and enchanting characters, Igrosoft delivers excitement and entertainment.

One of the most popular games by Igrosoft is “Crazy Monkey.” This game has gained immense popularity in the Russian betting market and offers comical and novelty action with its mischievous monkey protagonist. With its 5-reel slot and a cheeky bonus game, players can enjoy watching the silly ape pull down strings to reveal either a tasty bunch of bananas or a not-so-tasty anvil.

If you enjoy humorous animal-based spins, you’ll be glad to know that Igrosoft also offers games like “Sweet Life” and “Sweet Life 2.” These games follow the exploits of a lazy bear who searches for sweet nectar by opening bee-hives in the bonus game. Prepare for some hilarious consequences as our animal hero embarks on these adventures.

“Gnome” is another game from Igrosoft that follows a similar bonus format. In this game, a mining gnome character searches in mine carts, hoping not to get buried under a heap of mud. Unlike the other games mentioned, this slot machine incorporates 3D computer-animated visuals, adding a unique touch to the gameplay.

Aside from animals and garden gnomes, Igrosoft also features a range of comical human characters. From the drunkards of “Lucky Haunter” and “Lucky Drink” to the buccaneering seadog of the “Pirate” slot machine, players can expect entertaining adventures with each game. Other characters include a mechanic in “Junky Box,” a shipwrecked survivor in “Island,” and a haphazard spy in “Resident.”

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While these games share similar gameplay patterns with 5-reels, 9 paylines, a pick’em-style bonus game, and substituting wild cards, they do not offer many free spin features. However, players will be pleased to know that these games accept payline wins going in both directions, ensuring more opportunities to line up wins.

In addition to the novelty 5-reel video slots, Igrosoft also offers a few classic and arcade-style games. Retro spinners can enjoy the simplicity of the 3-reel slot machine called “Roll Fruit,” while “Fruit Cocktail” provides vintage-style spins in a 5-reel format.

Beyond slot machines, Igrosoft also dabbles in other casino-style and arcade games. Their “Multi Fish” game pack includes a standard slot machine with a fishy theme, as well as three different video poker themes. They also offer original arcade-style games like “Ant War,” where players defend their strawberries from attacking beetles, “Death Road,” a high-octane arcade racing game, and “Paratroopers,” a retro-style game where players shoot down invading enemy aircraft and paratrooper soldiers.

While Igrosoft may not be at the cutting edge of game design, their comedy-based slot machines provide enjoyable gambling action. Although the graphics are not groundbreaking, these games have gained popularity in the Russian casino market, proving that Igrosoft is doing something right. Try their online casino slot games at M88 for a fun and entertaining gaming experience.


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