Experience the Thrill of Live Dealer Baccarat: Enjoy the Popularity of Live Baccarat with Professional Dealers

Experience the Thrill of Live Dealer Baccarat with M88

Exciting Features of Live Dealer Baccarat

– Interact with professional dealers and other players through chat.
– Enjoy multi-game play by joining multiple tables and playing them simultaneously.
– Place side bets such as pair, perfect pair, either pair, and bonuses.
– Utilize the focus mode to hide activity and information about other players.
– Use shortcut keys to quickly perform useful game functions.
– Show appreciation to your dealers with tipping.

The Objective of Live Dealer Baccarat

In Live Dealer Baccarat, the objective is to predict whose hand will have a value closest to 9.

Baccarat Game Rules

Live Dealer Baccarat is played with eight standard 52-card decks and is hosted by a professional dealer. The card values are as follows:

– Aces are worth 1 point each.
– Cards from 2 to 9 are worth their numerical face values.
– 10s and face cards (jacks, queens, and kings) are worth 0.

In the main Baccarat game, only the numeric value of each card matters, while the suit is irrelevant.

Prior to each deal, you must place your bet on whether the Player or the Banker will have a hand with a value closest to 9. You can also bet on a Tie if you believe both hands will have equal value. Additionally, you can place a Player/Banker Pair (P/B Pair) bet, which pays if the first two cards dealt to the Player/Banker constitute a pair.

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The dealer starts by dealing two cards to both the player and the Banker. If the hands have equal value, it results in a tie, where the Tie bet wins, and bets on the Player and Banker are returned. The value of each hand is calculated by dropping the tens digit if it exceeds 9. For example, a hand of 7 and 9 has a value of 6 (16-10=6). A face card and a 9 have a value of 9.

If the Player or Banker receives an initial two-card hand worth 8 or 9 (a natural 8 or 9), no additional cards are dealt. However, if the Player and Banker have initial hands worth 0-7, the “Third Card Rule” determines if a third card is dealt to either or both hands. The Player always goes first.

Player’s Hand

Player’s initial hand:

– 0-5: Player draws a third card.
– 6-7: Player stands.
– 8-9 (a “natural”): No third card is dealt.

Banker’s hand chart

If the Player stands on 6 or 7, a Banker hand totaling 3, 4, or 5 must draw, while a Banker hand totaling 6 must stand. The hand closest to a total of 9 wins the game.

Side Bets in Live Dealer Baccarat

Side Bet Description

  • P Pair: Pays if the first two cards dealt to the Player constitute a pair.
  • B Pair: Pays if the first two cards dealt to the Banker constitute a pair.
  • Perfect Pair: Pays 25:1 if two identical cards (in terms of value and suit) are dealt as the first two cards to either the Banker or the Player. Pays 200:1 if two identical cards are dealt to both.
  • Either Pair: Pays if either the Banker or the Player hand is a pair.
  • P Bonus: Pays when the Player wins with a natural 8 or 9 or by at least four points.
  • B Bonus: Pays when the Banker wins with a natural 8 or 9 or by at least four points.
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Payouts in Live Dealer Baccarat

The payout in Live Dealer Baccarat depends on the type of bet placed.

Bet Payout
– Player: 1:1
– Banker: 0.95:1 (with a 5% commission)
– Tie: 8:1
– P Pair: 11:1
– B Pair: 11:1
– Perfect Pair:
– One pair: 25:1
– Two pairs: 200:1
– Either Pair: 5:1
– P Bonus/B Bonus: Hand Combination Odds
– Non-Natural hand wins by 9 points: 30:1
– Non-Natural hand wins by 8 points: 10:1
– Non-Natural hand wins by 7 points: 6:1
– Non-Natural hand wins by 6 points: 4:1
– Non-Natural hand wins by 5 points: 2:1
– Non-Natural hand wins by 4 points: 1:1
– Natural win: 1:1
– Natural tie: Push

Please note that any malfunctions void the game round and all eventual payouts for that round. Bets will be returned.

Return to Player (RTP)

The optimal Return to Player (RTP) percentage for Live Dealer Baccarat is 98.94%. The table below displays the return-to-player percentage for different optional side bets:

Side Bet Return to Player

  • P Pair: 89.64%
  • B Pair: 89.64%
  • Perfect Pair: 91.95%
  • Either Pair: 86.29%
  • P Bonus: 97.35%
  • B Bonus: 90.63%

*RTP based on optimal strategy for Banker bet.

Experience the excitement of Live Dealer Baccarat at M88. Place your bets and enjoy the thrill of this classic casino game.

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