Highlander Gambling House at Genting Online Casino Malaysia: A Serene Gaming Experience

Indulge in the serene ambiance of Highlander Gambling House at Genting Online Casino Malaysia. Immerse yourself in stunning views and a cozy atmosphere for a relaxing gaming experience.

Unwind and spoil yourself at Genting Club, where exclusive amenities and personalized service meet an array of thrilling gaming choices. This exclusive members-only retreat is perfect for discerning individuals.

From Slots to Tables: The Variety of Gambling Games

Whether you’re a seasoned card shark or a curious newbie, Genting has something for you.

genting casino malaysia

  • Slot Machines: With countless themes, jackpots, and bonus features, these colorful machines are a gateway to instant thrills.
  • Blackjack: Test your skill and strategy against the dealer in this classic game of 21.
  • Roulette: Spin the wheel of fortune and watch the little ball decide your fate.
  • And so much more! From poker to craps, pai gow to mahjong, the variety of games at Genting is endless.

Explore a variety of classic games, slot machines, and electronic table games. Click here to find the Best Online Slots in Malaysia.

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Genting Highlands: Slots from Renowned Providers

Here’s a quick guide to slot providers available in Malaysian Genting:

Genting slot providers

You’ll also find slots from renowned names like Bally Wulff, Konami, Ainsworth, and many more. Genting constantly updates its gaming floors with the latest releases, ensuring there’s always something new to discover.

Tips for Finding Your Perfect Slot

Our expert team has developed a set of useful tips to consider when you gamble on slots:

casino genting slots

  • Theme: Pick a theme you enjoy: mythology, adventure, animals, or classic fruits.
  • Features: Look for slots with exciting bonus rounds, free spins, and wild symbols for bigger wins.
  • Jackpots: Go for progressive jackpots if you crave the dream of a life-changing payout.
  • Stake: Select the most suitable for your budget and set the number of lines.
  • Volatility: Choose low-volatility slots for frequent smaller wins or high-volatility slots for rarer but potentially bigger wins.

Perks and Privileges of Genting Membership

Make your experience even better by joining the membership and collecting the points. How do I do it? Check it out below.

A guide to Genting Rewards

You can sign up for a Rewards Program online or join the resort at any counter within the resort and fill out a registration form.

  • Every Ringgit spent counts: Show your Genting Rewards card when you’re spending at participating outlets—hotels, restaurants, casinos, even theme parks! For every RM100 spent, you earn 1 Genting Point (GP).
  • Play to win points: Hit the floor and earn points based on your play. The amount depends on the game and your wager, so the more you play, the faster you rack up points!
  • Bonus opportunities: Watch for special promotions and events where you can earn bonus points or multipliers. The official Genting website covers them on their site.
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Moreover, we advise you to link your credit card to your Genting Rewards account. You’ll earn points automatically on everyday purchases within Malaysia.

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Genting Casino Online

Genting has an online website with a giant library of top online games, slots, live tables, live casinos, and more. Casino offers two vibrant gaming experiences: online and at the iconic Highlands resort. But which suits you better? Let’s compare the pros of each:



  • Convenience: Play anytime, anywhere, from your couch. There are no travel or accommodation costs.
  • Game selection: Access a vast range of slots, table games, and live dealer options, often exceeding the physical casino’s availability.
  • Bonuses and promotions: Enjoy exclusive online-only bonuses and promotions unavailable at the Highlands Resort.
  • Privacy and comfort: Play at your own pace and comfort zone, free from crowds or noise.

Genting Highlands:

  • Atmosphere: Vibrant sights, sounds, and energy of a world-class gambling club.
  • Social interaction: Meet new people, make friends, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow players.
  • Luxurious experience: Pamper yourself with fine dining, comfortable accommodations, and other resort amenities.
  • Variety of activities: Go beyond gaming and explore theme parks, shopping, and other entertainment options.

Consider what matters most: convenience, atmosphere, game selection, or budget. You can even mix and match, enjoying the online platform’s accessibility for quick sessions and the Highlands’ excitement for an immersive weekend getaway.

Best Online Casinos in Malaysia

Along with the famous Genting Highlands, for those who prefer cozy betting from home, we have examined the top bookmakers and online casinos that are leaders in the industry. Authorities regulate all of them and provide a generous Welcome Bonus for new punters.

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  2. 1xBet – With our secret Promo Code BONUSMY, get an increased bonus of up to 630 MYR.
  3. Dafabet – Best Bonuses on Sports and Casino games.
  4. 12Play – Indulges new members with a Combo Pack up to 288 MYR till the end of December. Don’t miss your chance!
  5. W88 – Presents a Welcome Bonus for Club W Casino & Keno, providing a 100% bonus of up to 1288 MYR. Limited offer!
  6. Me88 – Welcomes Malaysian players with a whopping 168% bonus up to MYR 1,000. You’ll need to wager the total amount 22 times before withdrawing any bonus funds.
  7. Bonus888 – Free credits on your daily deposits.

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Strategies for Casino Success: how to win cash Volt?

Before diving into tips and tricks, it’s crucial to remember that gambling should always be done responsibly. Chasing wins can lead to significant financial and personal harm. Consider these:

  1. When playing the Cash Volt slot game, focus on triggering the lucrative Cash Lock & Spin feature, as this is where substantial wins can occur.
  2. Pay special attention to high-paying symbols like the Volt symbol and Wilds, as they boost your payouts.
  3. If you opt for autoplay, set win and loss limits to ensure responsible gaming and prevent exceeding your budget.
  4. Always remember that slot games rely heavily on luck, so approach the gameplay with a sense of enjoyment and responsibility.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the game’s rules, paytable, and any special features it offers.
  6. Take advantage of the bonuses, free spins, and promotions the game or the casino provides to enhance your gaming experience.
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Financial Finesse: Managing Your Money at Genting Malaysia

Is Genting Casino Cashless? is a commonly asked question. It’s time to find out.

Regarding gambling at Genting Highlands, your options for depositing and withdrawing funds are plentiful and convenient. Here’s a breakdown of the most common methods:

  • Prepaid: Genting electronic money with top-up kiosks, online systems, and cash deposit machines.
  • Direct payment: Cash, debit/credit cards.
  • Online: FPX payments, e-wallets, and the RWG App (resort world Genting) via the e-cash feature.

Eligible members may activate the “e-CASH” at the cashier counter, cash deposit machine, any gaming machines, or via online fund transfer. The amount available under “e-CASH” can only be used for gaming-related transactions.

Step 1: Login to Resorts World Genting mobile app

Step 2: Select “Account” and tap the “Top-up” icon next to “e-CASH”

Step 3: Go to “Transfer Amount for Top-up”

Step 4: Enter your preferred amount for fund transfer

Step 5: Proceed for e-payment via FPX Internet Banking

Step 6: Await confirmation that the fund transfer is successful

Step 7: To top-up the “e-Cash”, scan the QR code at the designated gaming machines and tables in the casino premises

Please read and understand the terms and conditions of this service. Please note the last step of “e-CASH” top-up must be done inside the casino premises.

If you are looking for the best e-wallet casino in Malaysia, check out this article, ‘DuitNow e-wallet Casinos Malaysia’.

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What is the dress code in the Genting Highlands Casino area?

At Genting Highlands Casino, maintaining a dignified and respectable presentation is essential. Wear smart casual attire like collared shirts, dress pants, or well-kept skirts. Please avoid casual wear like shorts, ripped jeans, tank tops, or slippers.

What is the minimum age to enter the casino?

21 is the magic number! You should be at least 21 to try your luck on the casino floor. Remember your valid photo ID.

What types of ID are accepted in Genting Highlands casinos?

Passport, national identity card, driving license—any government-issued photo ID with your date of birth will work. Driver’s licenses may be accepted sometimes, but it’s best to confirm with Genting beforehand. Make sure it’s valid and in good condition.

Can I take part in events and promotions happening at Genting?

Yes, you can! Genting offers a range of exciting events and promotions for its members. Stay updated by visiting their official website or inquiring at the resort.

Is Genting Casino legit or a scam?

Rest assured, Genting Casino is as real as the thrill of a winning streak. It’s been a Malaysian institution for decades, renowned for its world-class facilities and fair play. So, put your fears of rigged roulette wheels to rest.

Is Genting Casino Legal in Malaysia?

Gambling has its place in Malaysia, and Genting has the licenses and regulations to prove it. Knowing you’re in a safe and legal environment, you can spin with peace of mind. Entry is denied to Muslims and people below 21 years.

Who is the owner of Genting Casino Malaysia?

Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay is the CEO of Genting Group and a highly respected tycoon in the industry. He owns casinos through his subsidiary Genting Malaysia Berhad, which comprises hotels, shopping malls, theme parks, and casinos.

Is GRAB available in Genting Highland?

Yes, Grab’s taxi service is available in this location and operates 24/7 from KL to Highland and back—an approximate price range of RM 74-100 in one direction. At night time, the price can be higher.

What is the minimum bet at casinos?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a minimum bet across all games at Genting Highlands Casino. In slots, minimum bets per spin vary from RM0.01 to RM5 or more, depending on the machine. Table games like blackjack and roulette usually start at RM25 or higher. Electronic Table Games (ETGs) offer a casual alternative, with minimum bets as low as RM10 in some cases.

genting online casino malaysia

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