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What Is 1×2 Betting?

1×2 betting is a concept that often appears in the world of football predictions. 1×2 betting involves a punter betting on one of three outcomes that might occur in a football match.

Let’s look at the three parts of the 1×2 line:

1 – the home side
The 1 appears on the left-hand side of the line and represents the home side.

X – draw
The x appears in the middle and entails the odds of a match ending in a draw.

2 – the visiting side
The right-hand part shows the visiting side. You will choose this one if you feel that side will win the match.

Here’s an example of how 1×2 betting works. Let’s say that there was a match where Liverpool was hosting Leicester City. Liverpool has 2.05 odds to win the event, while Leicester City has 2.60 odds. Meanwhile, there’s a 3.05 line stating that the match will end in a draw.

The 1×2 betting line would appear like this:
2.05 – 3.05 – 2.60

Liverpool is the host side, so they would appear on the left. You should be able to identify how the line works, especially as the odds of a draw occurring would not be as likely as the odds of one of the sides winning.

The numbers will change many times before the match. The initial lines are the morning lines, referring to when an oddsmaker would produce these first reports. The totals will change based on factors like roster and coaching changes, injury reports, and even gaming action.

Some sportsbooks might adjust the odds depending on how many people are placing bets on an event. One number might rise or fall to make it more interesting to prospective bettors. The effort is about making the bets more useful.

How Does a 1×2 Bet Work?

1×2 betting is simple in that you’re betting on a result. The numbers let you know what the potential return on a winning bet would be.

You would take the decimal odds for the pick on the 1×2 line and multiply it by the amount of money you are wagering on the match. You’ll see what you will get in return. The money in your return would be added to the money that you spent on the bet. You would double your money or greater if you are successful on a bet with a line of at least 2.00.

Let’s go back to the example listed above. Here’s what you would win if you were to bet £20 on any of the outcomes in the Liverpool-Leicester City match:

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Liverpool has 2.05 odds to win. You would get a return of £21, so you would turn your £20 into £41.

Leicester City has a 2.60 line, thus producing a return of £32.

The draw option has the longest odds at 3.05. You would get a return of £41 on that bet.

You also have the choice to bet on two of the three possible outcomes. These three bets are:

1X – The home side will win, or the match will end in a draw.

X2 – The visiting side will win, or the match is a draw.

12 – Either side will win. Whatever happens, the match cannot end in a draw.

The odds for these bets would be substantially lower, as you are going after multiple outcomes at once. Such a sports betting move would be better if you had a larger amount of money to bet, as you could bring in a decent payday for a smaller-stakes bet.

A sportsbook should let you know what the total value of the bet would be before you finish. You can list how much you would wager. You’ll then see what you would get back if the wager is correct.

Don’t forget that you can place an accumulator bet if you prefer. Such a wager entails stating that two or more things will happen in multiple games. You can get a greater payout, but the odds of you winning will not be as strong. You’d have to do enough research and find enough useful 1×2 betting tips to figure out what might work when planning your accumulator bet.

Where Can You Bet on 1×2 Tips?

The good news about 1×2 betting choices is you can find many 1×2 tips for figuring out the best bets. A football tips 1×2 service can help you note what works when finding a good bet.

But what’s also great is that you can use the 1×2 betting tips you find to place bets on various football lines. ProTipster provides information on various online bookmakers that offer these lines and much more.

ProTipster lets you check on different bookmakers. You will find information on these companies and see how they operate. You will learn about various websites like 1xBet, Bet365, 22Bet and more. You can also read about bookmakers that work for UK residents, including Bet365 and Unibet.

The site also provides details on the latest bonuses available at these sportsbooks. Such bonuses can provide free money to use when playing games. You can also learn about how to acquire these bonuses and what terms appear with them.

You can also check on the betting odds for each place and the free bets available. You’ll have an idea of what you can expect out of many of these websites when you find something worth your bet.

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Post Your 1×2 Tips and Win In Tipster Competitions

Do you have any football tips 1×2 that you wish to share with others? You can use ProTipster to let people know about all your 1×2 tips. You could win cash for whatever picks you choose.

The ProTipster competition brings punters from around the world to find out who can make the best tips. You can place your 1×2 betting predictions online through ProTipster. You can share these with others to find the best expert in predicting football matches.

The competitions are varied and include many opportunities to win. You can take home part of the monthly prize pool of $2500. It’s all for your 1×2 tips and your knowledge of the Beautiful Game.

How Does ProTipster Find the Best Betting Tips

You can find many useful 1×2 betting tips on ProTipster. One of the top features of the site is that it offers 1×2 tips from what the site finds to be the best choices around.

ProTipster uses an algorithm for reviewing how tipsters on various sites perform. The site checks on how tipsters plan their bets. Each of these 1×2 betting tips for competitions is reviewed to see how accurate they are. Trends in how well these tipsters produce these predictions will dictate how ProTipster finds who it should highlight on the site.

The effort ensures you will find the best football betting tips around. You’ll feel confident in what you are picking and that you are going after the right choices.

What About Other Sports?

Don’t assume that you can only find 1×2 betting tips on football activities. Online bookmakers will also make betting predictions with 1×2 lines on various other sports.

Cricket and rugby are among the more popular sports that offer 1×2 betting options. These sports often use the same standard of play where ties are possible.

You can even find some of these 1×2 lines on ice hockey matches. Tie games in the sport of ice hockey been discarded in most leagues in favor of shootouts. But a 1×2 line could entail a third bet where you predict that the match will enter a shootout. You will get a payout if you bet that a shootout will occur, regardless of whoever wins that event.

But sometimes the draw options on these 1×2 bets might have astronomical odds. For instance, a 1×2 bet on a combat sports event might have a 2.20 line for one fighter, a 3.50 line for the second contender, and a 60.00 line for a draw. The extreme high comes from how most combat sporting events do not end in draws. There’s a possibility it could happen, but even that isn’t all that likely.

1×2 betting is a fun way to enjoy betting on sports. You will enjoy 1×2 bets, especially when looking for football wagering activities. You can use ProTipster to find information on the latest football tips that are available for your use.

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