Keep Your Offline Version Up to Date with GitHub Desktop: The Solution for Strip Poker Game Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a developer or a player, it’s crucial to stay up to date at all times! By downloading the opponents’ bundles for the Strip Poker Night at the Inventory strip poker game, you can try out retired characters and test your own characters in development. However, as the game receives daily tweaks and improvements, your offline version quickly becomes outdated. Re-downloading the bundles to replace your old files becomes a cumbersome task, taking up a significant amount of storage.

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem – GitHub Desktop. Available for both Windows and Mac, this program ensures that your offline version is always up to date without the need for re-downloading the entire game. It checks for changed files and downloads only the necessary updates.

Even though GitHub Desktop is primarily a GitHub client, it also seamlessly works with GitGud. With this tool, you can easily keep your local version synchronized with the hosted version, making it a valuable asset for any Strip Poker Night at the Inventory enthusiast.

Setting up GitHub Desktop

Step 1

To get started, head over to and download the program.

Step 2

Once downloaded, install GitHub Desktop. When prompted to sign in to GitHub, you can skip this step. The information you provide on the Configure Git screen will be used to identify you if you create a manual merge request. However, if you only wish to synchronize with the hosted version and not push commits through GitHub Desktop, this step can be skipped.

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Step 3

Next, visit and copy the HTTPS address by clicking the blue “Clone” button. Alternatively, you can use this direct link:

Step 4

Launch GitHub Desktop for the first time. It will prompt you to add a repository. Choose “Clone a Repository from the Internet…”, navigate to the “URL” tab, and paste the previously copied HTTPS address into the URL field. Additionally, you can specify the location where you want the game files to be downloaded.

Step 5

GitHub Desktop will now start downloading the game’s files. Keep in mind that this includes every version of all .xml files since the move to GitLab, resulting in a download size of over 5 gigabytes. However, the benefits of having an up-to-date version of the game outweigh the initial download size. (Previously, you had to download every version of every image as well, which made the process even more time-consuming.)

Step 6

Towards the end of the download process, GitHub Desktop may prompt you to install Git LFS. Simply click OK to proceed.

Step 7

Congratulations! You’re now all set up. Click the “Fetch origin” button to check for updates. If any updates are found, the button will allow you to pull the updates to your computer with a simple click. If there are any files on your computer that differ from the online version and will be changed in the update, you will be presented with a warning. This is most likely to happen if you’ve modified listing.xml or config.xml for testing purposes. To restore a changed file to its original state, right-click on the file in the listing and select “discard changes” (be cautious, as this action moves your changes to the Trash!).

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Local Diffs

One of the standout features of GitHub Desktop is the ability to see how your local modifications differ from the hosted version. This feature is especially helpful for character developers who want to track changes more effectively.

Historical Diffs

Another useful feature is the History tab, where you can easily review all the changes that have been made to the files over time. This is particularly helpful for staying up to date with changes made by others in the community.

While only the Game Dev Mods can use the “Commit to master” button to push their changes directly to the hosted version, having GitHub Desktop as a tool to effortlessly update your local version makes keeping up with the game’s changes significantly easier for everyone.

Warning: Working on a Character With a Pending Merge Request

If you’ve uploaded changes to a character and find yourself needing to pull changes from the main repository while discarding your own changes, please remember to click the link to the Merge Request and ensure that it has been accepted before proceeding.

In the event that you forget to check and realize that your previous changes are missing after starting new changes, there’s no need to panic. Instead of redoing your lost work, reach out to a Mod to receive assistance in combining your changes and potentially saving a considerable amount of time.

To make sure you always have the most up-to-date version of the Strip Poker Night at the Inventory strip poker game, use GitHub Desktop. Stay ahead of the game with this powerful tool that keeps your offline version synchronized seamlessly. Download GitHub Desktop now and experience the convenience firsthand.

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