Kings of Chicago Slot – RTP & How to play

Transport back to the smoky speakeasies and seedy gambling halls of 1920s Chicago with Kings of Chicago, a classic slot game available at M88. Step into the shoes of a gangster antihero, ready to try your luck against shady dealers and corrupt cops. This digital reimagining of retro casino gameplay from veteran developer NetEnt launched over a decade ago, yet still delivers an atmospheric blast from the past.

M88's Fiendish Pleasure Slot
M88’s Fiendish Pleasure Slot

The gameplay merges slots and poker into one immersive experience across 5 reels and 5 paylines. Hands are dealt and winning combinations based on poker rank are paid out up to 300x your bet. Nail a natural royal flush without the joker and you could pocket a massive 2000x jackpot!

Vivid Prohibition-era style graphics set the scene, with revolvers, money clips, and bowler hats framing the iconic green baize table. As cards shuffle and chips clink, you’ll be transported right back to the seedy criminal underworld of 1920s Chicago.

Poker-Style Play Kings of Chicago Creates Thrilling Wins

The card-based gameplay of Kings of Chicago sets it apart from typical slot machine fare. Scoring winning hands like in poker, not simply matching symbols, is the key to hitting jackpots.

Keep an eye out across all 5 reels – suited runs and flushes can form anywhere. Three of a kind, straights, and flashy royal flushes with the joker’s help all earn prizes. The more valuable the poker rank, the bigger your payout, up to an epic 2000x bet!

With each spin, Kings of Chicago mimics a real deck, dealing random cards to heighten suspense. Will you be fortunate enough to grab the elusive natural royal flush and its massive jackpot?

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The vintage-style symbols like gangsters, molls, and cops add character but take a backseat to the poker action. Building the strongest hand, not lining up characters, is the route to rewards.

When scatter symbols appear, triggering free spins with doubled payouts, your winnings can really take off! This unique blend of slots excitement and poker strategy creates an immersive gaming experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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