Malaysian Tycoon Files Lawsuit Against Crown London Aspinalls Casino Over £3.9M Gambling Loss

Malaysian Tycoon UK Gambling

A Malaysian tycoon, Lim Han Joeh, is taking legal action against Crown London Aspinalls casino, claiming that the casino caused him to lose £3.9 million ($5.2 million) during a marathon 72-hour card game in 2015[^1^]. Lim, a non-executive director of Yinson, borrowed £4 million ($5.3 million) while participating in the game[^1^]. Although the casino successfully sued him for the money he had lost but not paid, Lim is now suing back, alleging that Crown London Aspinalls breached the UK’s Gambling Act 2005, which aims to protect vulnerable individuals from being exploited by gambling[^2^].

According to Lim’s court filing, instead of halting the game and urging him to rest, the casino increased his credit to £2 million, despite his losing streak and visible desperation[^2^]. The filing further accuses the casino of taking advantage of Lim’s distressed state by allowing him additional funds and time to gamble[^2^]. Lim played double chance baccarat during his extensive session[^2^].

Lim first joined the casino in 2014, where he had a credit limit of £600,000 ($805,000)[^3^]. However, after losing that amount, the casino allegedly increased his credit to £1.9 million ($2.5 million) and eventually added another £2 million ($2.6 million), all of which Lim subsequently lost[^3^]. He played continuously for 72 hours with limited breaks[^3^].

The case is currently being heard at the High Court in London, where Lim argues that any debts or loans should be void due to the casino’s alleged breach of its duties under gambling legislation[^4^]. Crown London Aspinalls has stated that it is defending the matter and seeking for the claim to be struck out[^4^].

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Crown London Aspinalls, established in 1962 by John Aspinall, is a private gambling club located in Mayfair, London[^5^]. The club, currently owned by Australian gaming giant Crown Resorts, is situated at the former site of the White Elephant Club, a renowned dining destination frequented by Hollywood stars and London’s elite[^5^].

In conclusion, the lawsuit filed by Malaysian tycoon Lim Han Joeh against Crown London Aspinalls casino highlights the potential legal ramifications that arise from marathon gambling sessions. The case will determine whether the casino breached its obligations under gambling legislation and whether Lim’s debts and loans should be considered null and void.

malaysian tycoon uk gambling

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