Mastering Baccarat Big Eye Road and Other Road Views for Predictive Success

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screenshot of the baccarat road interface at an online baccarat table
This is how the player interface of an online baccarat table can look.

When playing baccarat, you’ll come across grids on the player interface filled with circles, dots, and lines in different colors. These are the roads of baccarat!

Yes, we understand that they may seem confusing at first glance, but these stats hold a lot of valuable information. So, buckle up and get ready for an advanced lesson.


Roads and statistics in games like baccarat have divided opinions. On one hand, some argue that baccarat is a game of chance, and each new hand is completely unbiased. On the other hand, some players love to predict and plan their next bet. This article caters to the latter group.

Road Views

Passionate baccarat players are not content with just one type of road view; they want different perspectives to spot patterns and opportunities. That’s why you’ll find various setups of road views when playing baccarat online.

The Bead Plate is the most commonly used view, while Big Road, Big Eye Boy, Small Road, and Cockroach Pig offer unique takes on the game.

screenshot of baccarat bead plate
The Bead Plate, also known as Bead Plate Road or Baby Pig Road.

The Bead Plate is read from top to bottom, starting from the upper leftmost corner. This view can display letters (B, P, T) or numbers (0-9) on the circles, depending on your preference. Compared to other table games, the Bead Plate resembles “standard” statistics the most.

In the example above, the Banker won, followed by the Player, then another Banker win with a Player Pair, a sequence of Banker and Player wins for the first six hands.

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The Big Road shows what the Bead Plate displays, but the stats are shown from left to right, without indicating the winning hand value. By looking at the example, we can see a pattern of Banker and Player wins.

The Big Eye Boy appears similar to the Big Road but functions differently. To understand the Big Eye Boy, you need to forget what you learned about the Big Road and Bead Plate colors. However, you still have to refer to the Big Road to grasp the Big Eye Boy.

The purpose of the Big Eye Boy is to identify repetitive or non-repetitive patterns. Avid baccarat players believe that predicting the next step is the key to success, and understanding if the deck is repetitive or chaotic is crucial. The red circle signifies a repetitive shoe, while the blue circle indicates a more chaotic shoe.

To read the Big Eye Boy, data is entered into its grid starting from the first hand dealt after the first hand in the second column on the Big Road. The colors of the circles in the Big Eye Boy are determined by comparing the first and second columns of the Big Road or by looking at adjacent cells in the grid.

The Small Road is identical to the Big Eye Boy, except it skips the column to the left of the current one on the Big Road. Entries in the Small Road begin after the first entry has been made in the third column of the Big Road.

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The Cockroach Pig is another variation of the Big Eye Boy that starts after the first entry in the fourth column of the Big Road. Just like the Small Road, you pretend that the columns two and three don’t exist when reading the Cockroach Pig.

If the Big Road shows consecutive wins of one side that exceed the number of vertical cells, the next identical win will be placed to the right of the bottom cell and continue horizontally. This is known as a Dragon Tail. When reading the Big Eye Boy, you have to imagine the Big Road as infinitely deep and consider that the “tail” continues below the visible screen.

live dealer at baccarat table with road interface

Baccarat Predictions

If you find all these roads too complicated, some baccarat tables from Evolution offer prediction buttons marked P? and B? in the upper right-hand corner above the Big Road. These buttons give you a glimpse of what the next winning hand might be based on the combined statistics and entries of all roads.

Opinions differ on whether these buttons are cheating or a blessing. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to use them or not.

When to Use Baccarat Roads

Some baccarat players swear by the use of roads, while others enjoy the game without paying much attention to them. Baccarat is an incredibly entertaining game, even without the use of roads. However, if you want to enhance your gameplay and delve deeper into the fascinating world of baccarat, we recommend using baccarat roads.

No other casino game offers such intricate data as baccarat. So, if you’re searching for excitement, predictions, and patterns, baccarat, along with its roads, is your key to success.

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