Monopoly Utility Trails Slot: A Guide& Gameplay Tactics

The classic board game Monopoly is a household name, but how about tackling its slot game counterpart, Monopoly: Utility Trails? Crafted by the creative minds at SG Gaming, this slot game, distributed on an 8×7 grid, promises cluster rewards and the allure of substantial winnings. This guide will help you navigate the Monopoly Utility Trails Slot, understanding its symbols and potential returns on M88.

An Introduction Slot and Gameplay Techniques on M88

Just in time for the festive season, M88 presents you with a thrilling experience – the Monopoly: Utility Trails slot game, a product of SG Gaming. This slot game, inspired by the much-loved board game, boasts eight cascading symbol reels and adjustable water and electricity gauges flanking the grid. An engaging melody underlies the free online slot reels, which are situated amidst a bustling urban landscape.

Monopoly: Utility Trails
Monopoly: Utility Trails

Accumulate houses and hotels via the Electricity Company, exploit the Water Works feature, and relish in cascading reels for more substantial rewards in Monopoly: Utility Trails Slot on M88. Should fortune favor you with the Crazy Trail Jackpot, you’re set for a significant windfall.

Mastering the Monopoly Utility Trails Slot Gameplay

This slot game’s grid may seem unconventional compared to previous slots you might have experienced, given its 8×7 dimensions. However, rather than occupying the entire screen, it is intriguingly concentrated in the center.

It provides an entry point for those preferring a more cautious approach, with a minimal BET M88 of just 0.2 coins. For the more adventurous, this can escalate to a maximum of 50.00, catering to those who seek the thrill of pursuing larger winnings.

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Symbols and Understanding in Monopoly Utility Trails Slot on M88

The symbols offering high payouts are depicted as tokens from the iconic board game: the automobile, the canine, the top hat, and the ship or train.

  • On the other hand, an array of gems signifies the symbols with lower payouts – these include the shades of yellow, green, pink, red, and blue. Note that these colors do not follow any specific hierarchical order.
  • In the Monopoly Utility Trails Slot, there are two kinds of wild symbols, visually characterized by a train station and its associated carriages.

To secure a win, it’s necessary to gather a cluster composed of a minimum of five symbols. The formation of a cluster requires symbols to be contiguous to one another, either horizontally or vertically. The larger the cluster, the more substantial the reward. Following each victorious spin, the winning symbols vanish, making way for new ones on the board. This cycle continues until no additional clusters can be formed.

Aiding in the creation of clusters are the wilds. However, they cannot stand in for Water Faucets or Electric Company Light Bulbs. If a wild symbol participates in a winning cluster, it will disappear during the ensuing cascade of tiles. If it doesn’t contribute to a win, it remains on the grid for the subsequent round, akin to other symbols.

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Exploring Bonus Features of Monopoly Utility Trails Slot on M88

The Wild Track Feature

Golden Wilds are a special feature of this game M88. When two of these appear in the same row or column, they form a connection to trigger the Wild Track. This leads to the creation of Carriage Wilds symbols, which line up between the two Golden Wilds symbols and substitute all other symbols in the respective row or column. If a square is formed by four Golden Wilds, the Carriage Wilds cover the entire square, not just the edges. Any remaining Carriage Wilds that haven’t been used will transform into Golden Wilds for the next round.

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The Wild Track Feature
The Wild Track Feature

During any spin, you might encounter a 3×3 Community Chest card. Once it appears, the chest opens to reveal cash prizes ranging from x5 to x1000. The icon will then promptly vanish from the grid.

Water Works Tap Feature

This slot game includes the Water Works Tap icon. Its appearance incrementally fills up a related meter. Upon collecting 15 of these, the meter maxes out, triggering a bonus round. This bonus spins the symbols until a winning cluster is landed. These clusters are then locked in place while the remaining symbols are cleared. Randomly, taps can activate one of two modifiers to elevate the symbols.

Additionally, Electric Light Company symbols are present in the game, collected similarly to water taps. A distinct meter exists for these light bulbs. Accumulating 15 lights triggers a bonus round where symbols are supplanted by property cards, colored tiles, and Opportunity cards to grant hotels or houses. Just like the tangible Monopoly game, this bonus round revolves around gathering properties and augmenting them with houses or hotels whenever possible.

Off the Rails Jackpot

Lastly, the Off the Rails jackpot is bestowed when Golden Wild symbols materialize in all four corners of the grid.


Monopoly Utility Trails has been designed by WMS, a studio under the umbrella of SG Digital. With an impressive RTP of 96.61%, it outperforms the average. Furthermore, the Utility Trails slot faithfully embodies the elements of the Monopoly board game, offering a wholly distinct experience compared to other Monopoly-themed slots available on M88. 

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