Slashimi Slot M88: Review, Features and How to play

Slashimi Slot is a game released by Play’n GO Slot now available on M88 online bookie. Those who are enthusiasts of Japanese cuisine and culture will find this slot game particularly engaging. This article serves as a comprehensive tutorial on how to play Slashimi Slot, including the symbols and features that the game offers.

Overview of Slashimi Slot

Overview of Slashimi Slot
Overview of Slashimi Slot

For anyone fascinated by the culinary delights of Japan, the experience of savoring Sushi is often a highlight. Fortunately, there’s no need to travel to Japan to enjoy this experience, as Play’n GO has replicated it for you with Slashimi Slot at the M88 online bookie.

This game features a 3-reel, 5-line grid layout, and boasts a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.20%. It is also known for its high volatility, meaning that wins may not occur frequently, but when they do, they can be quite substantial.

The theme of the game revolves around a restaurant setting with an open-plan kitchen, where a proficient chef is positioned to the left of the reels. As players engage with the game’s spins, they are treated to a soothing melody, courtesy of the ambient sound effects, which enhance the betting experience on M88 online bookie.

In terms of special features, Slashimi Slot includes the ‘Two Get One’ bonus, which can split random symbols and escalate the payout to as much as 1000 times. Additionally, the free spins mode in Slashimi presents players with the opportunity to select a sticky ‘Two Get One Free’ symbol and potentially win rewards up to 5000 times their bet.

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How to Play Slashimi Slot at M88 for Beginners

How to Play Slashimi Slot
How to Play Slashimi Slot

How to Play Slashimi Slot for Beginners

To get the best out of this review, it’s recommended to pair it with a demo version for a more intuitive grasp of the gameplay. Click on the Menu icon to bring up more settings for the Slashimi slot game. These settings include:

  • Bet – features a meter that allows you to adjust your total bet starting from a minimum of €0.10 to a maximum of €100. Additionally, there’s an Autoplay function panel, which enables you to set up multiple rounds to play automatically.
  • Settings – opens up more options for gameplay. Activate the Fast Play mode for a quicker gaming experience.
  • Payouts – displays all the symbols, detailing their respective payouts and the rules for winning combinations.
  • Game Rules – offers detailed insights into how the game functions.

Special Bonus Features in Slashimi Slot


Special Bonus Features in Slashimi Slot
Special Bonus Features in Slashimi Slot

At the start of each spin in Slashimi Slot, the chef highlights a random symbol on the order banner above. If this selected symbol appears on the reels during a spin, it will split into two, effectively doubling the symbol count. This special Slashimi bonus amplifies the number of potential winning combinations, expanding from the standard 125 ways to win up to an impressive 1000 payout ways.

Slashimi Free Spins

Landing 3 Wasabi symbols at once triggers a sequence of 4 free spins. If you hit additional Wasabi symbols during these free spins, you’ll be rewarded with even more bonus rounds.

Before the free spins commence, you’ll have the chance to select the Two-for-One special from the menu. Not only will the selected symbols split, but they will also become sticky, remaining in place on the reels throughout the Slashimi free spins session.

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Slashimi Slot has become a highly popular game on M88 online bookie, thanks to its engaging theme and the potential for lucrative payouts. Players are encouraged to try out the free demo version before engaging in real money play to maximize their profit-making opportunities while enjoying their time on the bookie.

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