The Best iWallet Online Casinos and Gaming Sites

iWallet is a leading online payment provider in the Asian online casino market. It serves as a payment intermediary for players looking to deposit funds at their favorite online gaming sites, as well as for regular customers shopping at thousands of internet retail stores.

With iWallet, you receive a prepaid card that you can load money on 24/7. Unlike a credit card, you can only load the amount that you feel comfortable spending at any given time, providing peace of mind.

Compared to other e-wallets and prepaid cards, iWallet has very low fees. You can access your funds from most ATMs, and the company offers real-time currency exchange for over a half-dozen currencies, depending on your country.

iWallet has a dedicated team and proprietary system that processes thousands of transactions per month. They prioritize transparency, ensuring that all personal transactions are easily accessible in their system.

Although iWallet’s primary offices are in Hong Kong, they have employees based in Europe and the Philippines. Interestingly, they do not facilitate transactions for Hong Kong residents or accept business from the United States.

iWallet is rapidly growing as a payment processor for some of the most popular online casinos in Asia. While their target markets are Japan, Malaysia, and China, they also hold regulatory licenses to conduct business in international hubs like the United Kingdom and many other countries worldwide.

Getting an account with iWallet offers the valuable benefit of anonymity. Whether you’re an individual consumer or a corporation, your data remains anonymous and secure.

Opening an account is a quick process that takes just a few minutes. You answer a few questions and provide your bank account or credit card information to fund your account. You can load as little as $10 onto your prepaid card or as much as your bank account or credit card allows.

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To deposit at an online casino using iWallet, you can easily load your player account once you’re fully registered and logged in. With iWallet as a prepaid card, you’ll never have to worry about deposit declines, even if some gambling sites deny basic credit cards. The chances of this happening with an iWallet account are 0%.

To deposit, simply follow these steps:

  1. Access the Cashier in the backend.
  2. Select the iWallet logo under the list of deposit options.
  3. Input your account information and the desired deposit amount.
  4. Your funds should be in your player account within minutes.

Withdrawing funds through iWallet is just as simple. The process is fast, easy, and does not require any withdrawal fees. Your winnings will be transferred to your iWallet prepaid card within 2 to 3 business days. From there, you can withdraw the funds back to your bank account or use your prepaid card to withdraw cash from any ATM worldwide.

Overall, iWallet is a reputable gaming wallet that provides secure and convenient options for online casino games and sports betting. The company has attractive fee rates, guarantees financial data and personal information anonymity, and offers access to millions of ATMs worldwide.

Visit the official website for more details on iWallet and to open an account.

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