The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Betting Site for You

The Best Betting Site for Players in Major States

The rise of new sports betting apps like FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetMGM has captured the attention of many. However, for players in major states like California and Texas, these apps are not available. Despite the media buzz surrounding them, these apps often fall short in terms of competitive odds and generous bonuses. As a result, our final recommendations for the best betting site exclude these options.

Meanwhile, there are other lesser-known alternatives such as Caesars, PointsBet, BetRivers, Fox Bet, and Unibet.

Sports Betting Guides for Beginners

Expand your betting horizons and develop winning strategies with a wider range of options. By exploring our comprehensive sports betting guides, you can enhance your understanding and seize the countless betting opportunities that accompany major events.

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  • Top 10 Strategies to Win with Online Sports Betting
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  • Various Online Sports Betting Software and Platforms

What to Look For in a Sports Betting Site

When choosing a sportsbook, you may need to take into account different aspects so you can find the best betting site for your needs. The best gambling website will be the one that best suits your needs as a bettor. So let’s explore some factors you may want to consider when choosing the best sportsbook.

  • U.S. Customers Access: Certain online sportsbooks will still prove inaccessible to users in the United States. These companies are either blocking bettors from states without a sports betting policy in place or, more likely, just blocking out U.S. customers altogether.
  • Availability of betting bonuses: In the hyper-competitive world that is the online industry, sign-up betting bonuses often are the first interaction sportsbooks can have with potential clients. But what makes the best sign-up bonus offers THE BEST? Through our detailed reviews of these offers’ inner workings, we’ll guide you through noise and help you avoid the pitfalls of sneaky marketing.
  • Range of sports, leagues, and events: Some sports betting sites stick to the biggest events. Some of the best sports to bet on are more obscure, however. The best sports betting sites will provide stats and odds on a wide variety of sports.
  • Competitiveness of odds and lines: Single-game and futures odds will vary by website. It’s important you surf around to find the odds that best fit the investment you’re trying to make. One sportsbook may be laying more enticing returns on an outcome you deem most likely.
  • Speed of payouts: We all want our betting winnings as soon as possible. This is why our favorite sportsbooks will have fast payouts with a wide variety of methods.
  • Quality of customer services: Customer service at sports betting sites comes in all shapes and sizes. This is because every sports bettor is also unique and has unique needs. But we always value speed, accuracy, and professionalism whether you’re accessing support via email, live chat, or FAQs.
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Allowed Deposit Methods

Another important aspect is choosing an online betting site that accepts payment methods easily available in your region.

For example, if you are betting from Canada, you will have a harder time finding a Bitcoin betting site. This payment method is much more widely available in the United States, so Canadian bitcoin bettors will have to be more selective.

Other payment methods such as American Express and PayPal are more widely available. Be sure to check out the fees by region as well. Payment method and region are inextricably wed when it comes to the best sports betting books.

Sign Up For Multiple Sportsbooks

For many bettors, both veteran players and newcomers, signing up with multiple online gambling sites is undoubtedly worthwhile. This is often referred to as “line shopping” and has been a vital tool for bettors since gambling first went online over two decades ago.

While the Vegas line is the benchmark for the industry, all gambling websites offer unique betting odds. As a bettor, a helpful practice is signing up with various of the best online betting sites. Then, whenever you find a specific line you want to wager on, you can check the odds across multiple sites and bet on the one that offers the best value.

Sports betting online is the only way to effectively carry out line shopping. The beauty is that customers can sign-up to numerous online betting sites for free and then search for the oddsmaker that offers the best value.

This is crucial for players of all abilities to ensure they aren’t wasting money.

On top of that, when the results fall in your favor, you can rest assured that you’ve maximized your profits. Check out our top bookmarkers for your favorite sports betting market and sign up today!

Online Sports Betting 2024 Legal Updates

Sports gambling laws have seen exciting changes in the last four years. It started with the 2018 Supreme Court ruling. This cleared the way for states to legalize sports betting. The ruling struck down a 1992 federal ban on sports betting, though some states offered it then.

Impact on Betting Sites

The law hasn’t affected many top online gambling sites. But since 2018, we’ve seen more US users on long-standing betting websites in the US and overseas. In 2018, Delaware, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island legalized sports betting.

In the following years, many states have legalized sports betting, but 29 of 51 states have not changed laws as of 2024. While so, many states have lobbyists pushing to amend online sports betting laws.

It’s key to note betting laws are state-by-state. Some states allow mobile betting, while others focus on online sites. So check your state laws.

  • California – Sports betting still isn’t legal in the Golden State, despite boasting some of the country’s most historic and successful sports teams. With a wave of sports betting legalization sweeping the nation, we will likely see things adjust in the coming years. Betting sites like DraftKings and FanDuel will hope things change in the coming years, as they will garner many sign-ups from Californians. What’s more, if California state authorities decide to change the law, they will benefit from substantial tax gains as sports fans flock to take advantage of the odds.
  • Florida – Aside from betting on horse racing, no legal sportsbook websites accept bets in Florida. Much like California, there are some excellent teams in the state, notably in major leagues like the NFL, NBA, and NHL. Florida has a long sporting history, and it’s a surprise to many that they still can’t wager legally in the state, though with the process of amending the law looking increasingly positive—possibly coming into play in 2024.
  • Texas – As it stands, sports betting is illegal in Texas. Offshore operators are giants in Texas, many of the best we list here, as sports fans are active in the state. The Dallas Stars, Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, Houston Texas, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Rockets, and San Antonio Spurs, not to mention the college teams. While it doesn’t look like state governors are interested in changing the law, we may see this stance change next year.
  • Ohio – As of January 1st, 2023, Ohio is now a legal sports betting state! After the passage of bill HB 29, Ohio State Buckeyes fans have started to place their first legal bets. It took years of lobbying, so it’s excellent that things have finally changed. Ohio State betting kicked off in January, and many major sportsbooks have already begun taking bets in this state.
  • Alabama – Sadly, for online and live betting, there are no options available to Alabama bettors. As one of the country’s biggest football states, a massive community of sports fans wants to see sports betting sites legalized. This is evident in the number of Alabama sports fans registered with significant betting sites like Bovada and BetOnline. We would strongly recommend keeping an eye on the betting law changes in Alabama, as this one may change sooner rather than later.
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Here’s Our List of Best Online Betting Sites

  • Bovada is great for beginners: Bovada is a great sportsbook. There’s a reason it has the largest market share in so many places. Their reputation is top-notch, as they have been delivering a solid betting experience for years and provide their users with countless sports bets. Customers can easily navigate the complete service with an interactive website and mobile app. It suits newcomers and those just dipping their toes into sports betting.
  • MyBookie’s customer service stands out: MyBookie has it all, but this sportsbook stands out, especially for its excellent customer service. Their well-trained representatives are available 24 hours a day. We found that the reps were attentive and well-informed about the full range of problems customers may have. Contact them via telephone, email, or live chat.
  • BetUS deposit methods are amazing: BetUS is an excellent sportsbook for several reasons. They especially stand out in their deposit department. They accept more than 60 types of cryptocurrencies. With the growing demand for access to digital currency payment methods, BetUS has staked its claim on being the number one for players in the US. Plus, they give some of the best bonuses around.
  • BetOnline provides an exceptionally smooth betting experience. It is easy to navigate their sports and entertainment betting. While great for all bettors, this site is especially good for casual bettors. With quick deposits and withdrawals, new users can get their funds into the account and enjoy the broad range of betting markets immediately.

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