The Ultimate Guide to Horse Betting in Singapore

Horse betting in Singapore is a thrilling and legal activity exclusively offered by the Singapore Turf Club. Regulated by The Singapore Totalisator Board, this premier venue ensures a safe and exciting betting experience. While betting outside the racetrack is strictly prohibited, it is rumored that some daring punters in Singapore still engage in illegal or online betting.

History Of Horse Racing In Singapore

With its origins dating back to 1842, horse racing in Singapore has a rich history. The Singapore Sporting Club, formed under the patronage of Governor Samuel George Bonham, constructed the first racecourse at Farrer Park. In 1924, the club was renamed The Singapore Turf Club, and the racecourse was relocated to Bukit Timah in 1927. Today, under the ownership of the Singapore Totalisator Board, the club organizes thrilling races at the prestigious Kranji racecourse.

Singapore Turf Club Tickets & Hospitality

The Singapore Turf Club offers a variety of tickets and hospitality packages. A day out at the races doesn’t have to cost much in Singapore, with tickets to the grandstand ranging from $6-8.

If you want to enjoy a day at the races in Singapore in style, entry to the Victory Lounge will cost you $118. Hospitality packages may also be purchased for $30. Prices for company day-outs are also available on request.

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What Is The Dress Code At Singapore Turf Club?

The standard dress code at Singapore Turf Club is no singlets or jogging shorts. However, many punters like to get dressed up for the occasion, especially if they’re frequenting the Victory Lounge.

What Is The Racetrack At Kranji?

The main racetrack at Kranji is 2,000 meters long. It is sand-based but covered with a brand of grass named Zoysia japonica var El-Toro. The grass provides an excellent cushion for galloping, and the drainage required for the long, wet seasons in Singapore. The track is a left-handed oval, with a 400m home straight. Racing also takes place on the 1,500-meter Polytrack course.

What Is Singapore Pools?

Singapore Pools is the company responsible for providing horse racing betting in Singapore. It was created to provide a safe and trusted gambling environment for punters in Singapore, reflecting its values of respect, integrity, innovation, customer care, and community. Singapore Pools is completely owned by Singapore’s Tote Board, which reports directly to the country’s Ministry of Finance.

Bet Types With Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools offers a variety of bet types that punters can place. The pools work in a similar fashion to that of the Pari-Mutuel. A deduction for goods and service tax is the company’s commission, with the remainder of the money in the pools divided by the number of winning tickets.

**Mark Your Coupon** Singapore Pools produce a variety of mark-sense coupons to make it easier to place bets.

**Bet Combination Tables** The Singapore Pool bet combination tables allow you to easily work out the number of combinations your bet will cover, helping you to work out the stake you can afford to place.

**Take Advantage Of Commingling** For some races, Singapore Pools combines its tote pools with those from other countries to create larger pools. This creates the chance for bigger dividends and more stable pools.

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**Rebate Program** Customers placing a losing bet line of $2,000 or more will be eligible for a 10% rebate on losing bets in designated pools.

**Enjoy Electronic Updates** Punters will be able to see electronic updates on the latest pools, dividends, and race results, as well as tips from local media sources.

Should I Bet On Horse Racing In Singapore?

Whether you are living permanently or temporarily in Singapore or are visiting the country for business or on holiday, a day at the horse racing can be a fun experience. The horse racing is normally very competitive, and the fans at the Singapore Turf Club are appreciative and create an excellent atmosphere.

It doesn’t cost much for a ticket to the grandstand, while hospitality packages are very reasonable. If you prefer to live it up, it’s a great idea to pay the extra to enjoy a day at the races in style in the Victory Lounge.

As the gambling laws in Singapore say it is illegal to bet on horse racing other than with the Singapore Pools, we do not advise you to bet with illegal or online bookmakers.

All bets with Singapore Pools are tote bets, so winning dividends are determined by the number of units bet on each horse or bet combination. Singapore Pools is backed by the Ministry of Finance, so you’re guaranteed to get your money when you win.

Where can I watch Singapore Pools horse racing live?

Singapore Pools offers a live streaming service for horse racing to its account holders, which can be accessed through their Singapore Pools account.

Where can I view Singapore Pools horse racing odds?

Singapore Pools horse racing odds can be found on the [Singapore Pools website](

What is the minimum bet in Singapore horse racing?

According to the Singapore Pools website, the minimum bet for horse racing is $1 for all bet types except Trio, where the minimum bet is $2.

Where can I find Singapore Pools horse racing results?

Customers can find Singapore Pools horse racing results on the Singapore Pools website. The results are usually available on the race results page shortly after each race.

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