Twitch Implements New Policy Update to Enforce Gambling Ban

Twitch Implements New Policy to Ban Gambling

Twitch, the popular streaming platform, has taken a firm stand against gambling by implementing a new update to its community guidelines. This action comes in response to criticism from prominent Twitch creators. On September 20, Twitch announced that it would be enforcing a ban on gambling, which has now been officially enforced since October 18.

The updated guidelines now prohibit streams that feature unlicensed slots, roulette, and dice games.,, and other similar websites were specifically highlighted in the initial announcement. It’s important to note that the ban also extends to “all associated domains,” including variations of these websites.

Additionally, the guidelines state that it is no longer allowed to share links or affiliate codes to these gambling sites. Twitch has outlined three specific actions that could result in a strike on a channel, including sharing a referral code to a slots site, including a banner with a link to online roulette games, or verbally referring chat to a site containing dice games.

To address concerns about how Twitch will handle streamers who violate these rules, the platform explained in a blog post that enforcement actions, including suspensions, may be applied to accounts that stream prohibited sites. However, Twitch acknowledges that this may require some adjustment and intends to offer warnings in applicable cases to be fair to streamers who may not have fully understood the new policy.

Although the list of banned gambling sites may expand in the future, Twitch has not yet implemented a ban on sports betting, which has been a source of disappointment for some, like Trainwreck.

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