Understanding the 1×2 Betting Market in Sports Betting

❔ What Is a 1×2 Bet?

So, what exactly is 1×2 betting? Well, it’s a form of wagering where you predict the outcome of a game, specifically whether it will result in a home win, an away win, or a draw.

Moreover, ‘‘1’’ represents the home win, ‘‘X’’ stands for a draw result, and ‘‘2’’ refers to the away win. Needless to say, a bookie would provide football betting odds for each of these three options.

Quite logically, the 1×2 betting market is available only in sports with three possible outcomes, such as football. For example, if Arsenal and Liverpool were to play at the Emirates Stadium, the Gunners would be represented by ‘‘1’’ in the 1×2 betting market. On the other hand, Liverpool would be represented by ‘‘2’’ since it is the away team. Lastly, ‘‘X’’ would refer to a draw.

⬇️ How to Place a 1×2 Bet?

If you are interested in 1×2 betting, take a look at these simple instructions on how to place this type of wager:

  • To start with, make sure to choose the sport that features three possible outcomes.

  • Once you select a specific game, the 1×2 betting market should appear near the top of available betting markets. Sometimes, this betting market is the only one visible on the main page of an online sportsbook. Others are usually available under the option “More Bets” or similar.

  1. Then, you should examine the sports betting odds for the home win, draw, and away win. After comparing them, you should have a better idea of which of the three potential outcomes to choose.
  • When you select the desired outcome, you should proceed to enter the preferred stake.
  1. Finally, you can submit your 1×2 bet slip.
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Also, it’s worth noting that you can combine multiple 1×2 bets. So, you can also form doubles, trebles, and accumulator wagers when you engage in 1×2 betting.

? How to Calculate the Payout for a 1×2 Bet?

Now that you are familiar with the 1×2 meaning and know how to place this wager, you’d probably like to learn more about calculating the payout for your 1×2 bets. So, the formula for calculating the return on your 1×2 bet is to multiply the stake by the odds.

For example, the game is played between (1) Enugu Rangers and (2) Kwara United. The home team has the odds of 4.82, the draw is priced at 3.94, and the away win at 1.68. Moreover, you decide you want to stake 20 NGN. Then this is the payout based on the outcome you back:

  • If you back the home team and it wins, you will receive 96.4 NGN (20 NGN x 4.82).

  • If you bet on the ‘‘X’’, your payout is calculated as 20 NGN x 1.68 = 33.6 NGN, provided the match ends in a draw.

  • In case you select the away win, you would get 78.8 (20 NGN x 3.94) if your bet wins.

How Do 1×2 Odds Work?

In addition to understanding the 1×2 meaning, you should also know how to read the 1×2 odds before you move on to place this type of bet. In this betting market, sports betting odds indicate the likelihood of each outcome.

For example, if (1) Crystal Palace has a lower odds value compared to (2) Manchester United, it means that Crystal Palace is considered the underdog in the match.

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