Why Casino Junkets Are Not Ideal for Average Gamblers

Imagine being treated to an all-expenses-paid trip where you can indulge in gourmet food, luxurious hotel accommodations, and exhilarating entertainment. It sounds like the epitome of luxury, doesn’t it?

These extravagant perks are typically reserved for high-rolling VIPs in the world of casinos, enticing them to wager large amounts of money. Unfortunately, regular gamblers like us don’t have access to these exclusive privileges, no matter how passionate we are about casino games.

What is a Casino Junket?

The term “junket” is often associated with political junkets and casino junkets. Political junkets refer to expensive trips given to politicians and dignitaries, often funded by taxpayers. Similarly, casino junkets are trips and travel incentives offered to high-rollers or VIP customers to entice them to play at a particular casino. These trips are lavish and typically include all-expenses-paid vacations to exotic destinations.

Playing Hard-to-Get

Junket operators receive a commission from the casino for bringing in high-rollers, either in the form of cash or other rewards. In the early days of casinos, when they were stigmatized, headhunters would scout these high rollers and offer them incredible packages. Average players, on the other hand, would usually be overlooked in favor of those who had the capital to play for extended periods and take bigger risks with larger bets. Players offered junkets often spent hours at the tables day in and day out, catching the attention of a headhunter.

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Online VIP

However, you don’t have to visit a physical casino to receive the VIP treatment. Online casinos also spoil high-roller players and VIPs with special perks. Those who deposit significant sums are considered VIPs and can enjoy a variety of rewards through a tiered VIP system. Online VIPs are just as sought after as traditional casino VIPs, but the difference lies in how they are treated. While in-person luxury is appealing, it can’t be replicated through a computer screen. Instead, online casinos offer virtual incentives, such as cashback deals, to keep these valuable players engaged.

Modern Day Junkets

Junkets still exist today, but the approach has changed. Rather than having headhunters spot players on the casino floor, this type of luxury is now available for purchase. There are agencies and websites that offer all-expenses-paid gambling trips, but a substantial deposit is usually required. These trips often have minimum gambling times and wagering requirements in place. They operate more like all-inclusive vacations that provide the possibility of winning back the initial deposit.

Casino Junkets in the News

Casino junkets have garnered attention in the media, both historically and recently, for their not-so-stellar reputation. While they serve as a crucial marketing tactic for casino operators to attract high-roller players, they have also been infiltrated by criminal organizations and faced other challenges.


Macau, one of the most renowned casino junket destinations, recently made headlines when one of its prominent operators was arrested for alleged involvement in illegal virtual betting activities. This arrest dealt a blow to Macau’s tourism industry as China tightens its regulations on gambling and money laundering.

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In Australia, officials have increased scrutiny on junkets following a risk assessment. Junkets can be vulnerable to infiltration by criminal organizations to launder money through casinos and their accounts. The Australian financial crime watchdog, Austrac, has uncovered cases of money laundering, tax evasion, visa misuse, links to foreign spies, and widespread corruption in Australian casino junkets.

Junkets Are a Mixed Bag

As you can see, the world of casino junkets is intriguing, to say the least. While luxury trips, extravagant gifts, and complimentary food may be alluring, it’s important to be aware of the darker side of casino junkets. Most casual casino gamblers may dream of experiencing a junket, but in reality, these opportunities are primarily reserved for high-rollers with substantial sums of money to wager. So unless you have millions to spend, casino junkets are likely not within your reach.

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